Unit 10 and 11 Movement and Devising 10th May 21

Today’s Objectives:   

1.Rehearse and practice the devised movement performance. 

3.Demonstrate teamwork, focus and discipline. 

4.Perform in a devised movement piece demonstrating movement skills, imagination and successfully communicate your intensions.  ]

Introduction: Today was our 8th and final lesson on unit 10 and 11 Devising and movement. The main focus was performing and evaluating the performance and process.

Task 1: physical and vocal warm up 

We started with a physical warm up to prepare us for the performances.

Task 2: rehearsals  

We had one last rehearsal before we performed the final assessment. The rehearsal went well and this helped me to map out the performance and practice ready to be assessed

Task 3: Final assessed performance  

Video summary: Please see video evidence of final performance. Overall it went well and I remembered my parts and movements throughout the assessment. There were not any areas that went terribly wrong and it was quite a smooth run though which I was pleased about. At times I found it hard to remember some of my lines but I carried on and tried not to let it show. This may have been because I was a little nervous.

Task 4: Group verbal evaluations  

Evaluating out performance in our small devising groups. (see video evidence below)

1.What were your rehearsal strengths as a group? 

A: Our strengths we discovered as a group was that we were all very creative and worked together with our ideas well. This came across in rehearsals and group work and in our final performance. Coming up with new

2. What were your rehearsal strengths as an individual? 

A: I rehearsed my lines well during the rehearsal process. When I was unable to remember some of the lines, I used improvisation skills to continue through my performance and work with the rest of the group, so it did not overly effect others in my group. I have focused on practicing my lines more in and out of class to help me remember them which has improved, but I have also learned to carry on if things go wrong and not let the audience know. I also had good attendance and attended all rehearsals I could to practice.

3. What were your performance strengths as a group? 

A: We had really good sense of each other and worked in unisons as a group which showed throughout our performance. the timings of the performances were managed well as a group and we worked really well together as a team to work towards our performance together.

4. What were your performance strengths as an individual? 

I did very well with the monologue at the end as even though I didn’t say the same lines in each performance I improvised around it very well. I also felt I did well around the risk elements of ball throwing and passing. I did keep dropping the ball and in the end managed this a lot better and kept it in more control.

5. What were your rehearsal weaknesses as a group? 

One one part of the performance we kept forgetting the hand movements which impacted some of the movements as a group. We also weren’t loud enough at times to deliver our lines and be heard clearly. This important as the projection of our voices in performance’s carries through the audience and people need to hear what we are saying. Wearing masks took away the volume and made it a lot harder so I don’t believe this was entirely our fault, but I will consider projecting more in future performances.

6.What were your rehearsal weaknesses as an individual? 

A: I felt one of my weakness was the sign language element. I also kept forgetting some of my lines which sometimes affected the rehearsals, but I did try to improvised and not let it affect the rest of the group. It helped me to remember by communicating with others and watching others.

7.What were your performance weaknesses as a group? 

Performance weaknesses were at time bumping into each other and worrying about throwing of the ball. there was also some awkward positioning which was challenging at times.

8.What were your performance weaknesses as an individual? 

A: As mentioned before my main weakness was remerging some of the lines and dropping the ball.

9.Which workshops or rehearsal had a big impact on your progress?  

A: There were times if we struggled with motivation and concentration we would procrastinate and sit around doing very little. This impacted rehearsal time negatively at times as we would become distracted. There was also a time when we only had three people there to rehearse with due to absences but we still tried and worked through it as a trio.

10.What elements of this project did you find most challenging? 

Taking notes during individual feedback and group feedback was difficult to capture the information all at once, so I had to watch the videos again to check the information. I think passing the ball was also one of the bigger challenges to keep control of it. Lastly remembering all of the lines and monologue was difficult.

11.If given the opportunity to do this project again, what would you change? 

A: At the end of the performance the ball was left and forgotten. I would have changed this if I could looking back. In the last scene we would continue to pass the ball around right through to end and then whoever had the ball last they would walk up to camera/audience and they would pass the ball to the camera or an audience member to have a much bigger impacts of the message we were trying to get across.

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