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Unit 27 4th May – Front of House

House Managers: Complete  Box Office:  1. Create an email draft containing the link for YouTube Live and the online programme that will be sent out to audiences members the morning of the production. When complete, send to Liz. 2. Update the audience database with new orders.   Our group: Ushers (including program sales):  Completed  https://online.flippingbook.com/view/71367975/ We have completed the programme today andContinue reading “Unit 27 4th May – Front of House”

Unit 10 11 Space and movement 22nd March

Today’s Objectives:   Contribute, discuss and explore performance ideas.   Create and develop a devise performance that explores space in movement.   Introduction: Today was our fourth lesson on unit 10 and 11 Devising and movement. We continued the devising process by working in small performance groups. The small working groups were: My group: A: Karina, Lucie, Matt, Kayden,Continue reading “Unit 10 11 Space and movement 22nd March”

Unit 10 and 11 Movement and Devising 10th May 21

Today’s Objectives:    1.Rehearse and practice the devised movement performance.  3.Demonstrate teamwork, focus and discipline.  4.Perform in a devised movement piece demonstrating movement skills, imagination and successfully communicate your intensions.  ] Introduction: Today was our 8th and final lesson on unit 10 and 11 Devising and movement. The main focus was performing and evaluating the performance and process.Continue reading “Unit 10 and 11 Movement and Devising 10th May 21”

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